Quilting Bees

My first Quilting Bee
12 of us have decided to participate in a quilting bee! The first time for me and I am quite thrilled. This is Madhu's block and I have sent it back to her in Jaipur! She says she likes it, so that's great. I managed to get it to be a 15 inch square, even though my 1/4 inch seams were not quite accurate! Its such an interesting pattern, I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

This one is for Tina with fabric she sent. We could choose whatever we wanted to make. I love to applique, so decided to make my favourite....a tree!


Well that Quilting bee didn't last as we had to change the whole quilting group! So now we have started another bee....and this seems to be going well.
This one was for Vidya 2 who wanted a wonky block...with solid colours. I loved making this block and realise that I love the freedom of not measuring and allowing the block to develop as it does...there is such a feeling of surprise in that!

The next one was for Veena. She wanted only black and white with one solid colour. Her block was huge! The instructions were clear so it took little time. 


Here's Vidya's block! A modern version of a traditional block.her instructions were to keep to squares or HST!

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