Monday, May 17, 2010

Naeeda's Blanket

I crocheted this a couple of years ago for Naeeda. She loves blue so the shades were chosen accordingly. Wool is best in the North and I bought this in Dehra Dun. I find I need to have my fingers doing something all the time, and crochet comes easy as i don't need to look at it and so can do it while watching telly or just chatting. The ineresting thing about crochet is that you can always expand the should naeeda ever want it I can make this into a double!


  1. this is beautiful. i've made multi-coloured ones, but this one is so much classier. now i know what my next crochet project will be....thanks brinda

  2. this is a beautiful looking bedspread! I love the colours you chose as blue & white are a favourite of mine.