Sunday, January 15, 2012

My first blocks!

I have only worked on Crazy Quilting till date! I have wanted to look at other traditional american styles of quilting and so finally decided to get started this year! I have signed up for an online course where we will be making 2 blocks every month and then finally at the end of the year will have a ready made quilt. Each block will be a sample of  a new technique! The video's are clear and the written instructions add to that. The first month are the slashed blocks, so here are my two! I am thrilled as they have come out to size. The background fabric is a little thicker than the rest, and I hope this doesn't prove to be a problem as we proceed! Lets see! An exciting year in needlework as I am also participating in the IMQG (Indian Modern Quilters Guild) challenge!


  1. Good stuff, Brinda! I'm doing a block a month project, too, with CQJP 2012. Guess we'll both be busy stitching!

  2. done! did my 2 blocks for the month. why does she make us cut so many extra lengths for strips? or did i make a mistake due to which 2 of them didn't get used?

  3. No I had bits left over as well. keeping them all to make something later!

  4. Hey Brinda... Nice work. Those videos on craftsy are great! I so miss my sewing machine and studio! :(
    Anyway... I live vicariously through what everyone else is making!
    Thanks for linking up to the blog.