Saturday, February 4, 2012

TAST Week 3 and 4

We have been in Cochin and Coonoor and so I had to work the 2 sets of stitches for TAST week 3 and 4 together once I got back. Week 3  was the running stitch and week 4,  the cross stitch. I had great fun practicing the  stitches and playing around with the threads. The running stitch can actually be enhanced to do all sorts of things as can be seen from my sample:
I discovered my  beautiful pencil bag given by Nafisa and one in which I keep my art brushes, is made with a variation of the running stitch! I give a picture here. What is amazing is that the creater of this bit of needle work has worked it on straight fabric, whereas I have been using Aida cloth so I can count the stitches!
One of the first stitches I learnt was the cross stitch. My grand mother gave me a small piece of Aida and coloured threads and showed me how to work the stitches, making sure the crosses were always the same way! Since then I have done a lot of cross stitch including tapestry and loved it. I didn't realise till I started participating in the TAST, what an amazingly versatile stitch it is, and there are so many variations. So here is my sampler of the cross stitch:

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