Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nafisa's cat quilt

This is the quilt I have made for Nafisa. She is a cat person and is totally delighted with it!

It has been a huge learning time for me. I realized that I will have to be very careful with the fabric I use. They all have to be as similar as possible. I bought the 2 printed pieces abroad, from a quilting store, and so they were of a similar kind. However the plains were poplins I bought here. With the many qualities of poplin available locally, there is a variation in the thickness. So this meant that some of it stretched....extremely irritating. The next big challenge was in the actual quilting! I have used a cotton batting which is of really great quality and easy to work with. But putting the sandwich together and then basting it (I used pins, which was a mistake....next time I will baste it with thread) turned out to be far more difficult than usual. Especially keeping wrinkles out was a marathon feat!!!! I love a bit of the hand stitching and that seemed to increase the wrinkles! The backing was a great fabric I found in Bangalore, but had to have a join down one side to make up the breadth.
Nafisa, my designer daughter, says she loves that its not totally smooth....so then I guess its ok!


  1. Brinda, that is a cute lovely quilt..and great finishing too. Thank you for sharing your experience about using different fabrics..i have to keep this in mind

  2. awesome quilt!! The wrinkles is just add up to the greatness of the quilt :). Btw, have you tried pure cotton, instead of poplin? I just found out recently there is a pure cotton one, which is slightly expensive than poplin but it's softer and doesn't stretch.

  3. Smooth is fine for a competition entry or a exhibition wall hanging, but not necessary for a beautiful, warm and cosy snuggle quilt!

  4. it's beautiful - looks so soft and warm! can imagine nafisa cuddled up in it :)