Friday, January 18, 2013

A challenge WIP!

My niece sent me a quilting magazine....and I saw this design for a cushion cover. The first reaction was that it was pretty, I loved the stars, but I also dislike HSTs and triangles and quilting to match corners accurately! I don't like anything that is so exact, or that the beauty of the quilt is in the very exactness! But this was pretty, so I decided to grit my teeth, challenge myself, and get down to it.

There were SOOOOO many HSTs and angles, but I didn't give up, and I'm glad I didn't. However there is a mistake and that is that the white fabric should have had a much tinier print so that it enhanced the blue star, which at the moment is a little lost, possibly a little to much white in the blue fabric as well! Hopefully once the quilting is done, it will pop up a little more!
On the while a very satisfying experience....yet to finish, but the worst is over!


  1. Im with ou on HSTs: I feel your pain! Well done for persevering, it looks fab

  2. I have realised I dislike anything that is too regular and exact!