Friday, July 20, 2012

Celebrating 90 years!

Aunty Pam is 90 years old and we are in Mumbai for her celebrations! She remains such a grand lady and the eldest surviving member in our family from Viveck's side. She is a great seamstress herself, and does the most amazing crochet and cross stitch. So I decided to make this quilt for her, and I hope she likes it.
We decided a lap quilt would be good as she sits in front of her telly every evening, doing her needle work and watching he favourite programmes! Pune does get quite cool in the winter so with the flannel lining, this should be very comfortable!
I made the quilt blocks as part of a quilt along, and Nitasha embroidered the block with the message! All the kids sent her a scanned signature and she embroidered it on in chain stitch! 

 I found a great cotton print in a beige background with a lovely tree design on it in greens and cream. . I added a panel in the middle in the same background fabric of the quilt. On the whole it turned out well!!

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