Thursday, July 12, 2012

My scrappy quilt for Ma!

I am delighted with this quilt!!! The design is from a book on scrappy quilt. In my typical fashion, I have been mulling over this book for a long while, thinking about all the quilts that I would like to make! Finally decided on this pattern as a birthday present for my mother! I like to get things done quickly, and the pattern looks complicated but is actually a very simple string quilt, with scraps cut into strips, joined and then cut into triangles! However a very big lesson learnt is that one must only use fabrics of the same thickness. I used some Jaipuri mul mul prints as well, and it was a nightmare to try and sew the squares together as the thinner fabric kept stretching! I should have starched the thinner fabrics and it possibly have been easier!

This is the first quilt I signed!

I first took out all by big bits, washed them, cut them into strips and joined the strips. The spent a whole day cutting all the squares and triangles!

The next was laying it down on the floor, and making sure I had the colours well distributed. I then stitched it together, including the border and the top was complete!
I couldn't find any decent batting in Kolkata, so decided to line it with flannel! it actually is possibly more practical anyway, as Pune doesn't ever get so cold as to need a quilt! I used a printed handloom fabric for the back!


  1. Gorgeous quilt Brinda! I love fine fabrics in quilts. they make them so soft. Quilters here go only for the best fabrics but unless you have felt mulmul quilts you wouldn't know how soft they are.
    Great gift for Ma!

  2. Very nice Brinda.Striped Squares are 6"or 7"?I want to try !!!