Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Naeeda is off using leather bags, and hinted loudly as to how she would LOVE a quilted one for her birthday in July. So of course I loved the challenge of making her one! I have never made a bag before, so this was a a serious challenge! So first I looked for a pattern and found a lovely one on a website with free patterns (http://www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/projects_2009/guide_violet_tote.html).  I then chose the fabrics and since Naeeda loves bright colours  I used the red and the madhubani cloth together! I have got some thin synthetic batting and this was ideal for the bag.  She is off to Portugal to visit David's family over the summer, so this will be great for her! Ofcourse now I have to get it across to her in Bangkok!

I quilted 'in the ditch', only on the white! I lined the inside with read as well!!! On the whole it has come out really well!
I was so excited by this that I made another one for Sufi, who at the moment loves bags! I got some interesting fabric in Bangkok, with little animals on it and hope she will like it as much as I like making it for her! She is visiting in a couple of weeks, so this is her 'coming to Thai's house' present!


  1. wow...that looks absolutely gorgeous..i love the warli print fabric too..great finishing with both bags...awesome work Brinda

  2. Beautiful Brinda!!!!!Love it

  3. Just figured out how to get here !!! Super bags Brinda !!

  4. wonderful work you do
    Greetings from Finland

  5. Lovely bags, Brinda! And Sufi's bag is too cute :)