Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bangkok Stash

What a wonderful morning hunting for fabrics in the Chinese market in Bangkok! Of course we didn't just buy fabric, but clips and pins and all sorts of bits and bobs!!! An amazing place, warrens of little side streets colourful, crowded, noisy, women sitting and crocheting on the pavement, besides selling just about everything from an assortment of street food and fruit to clothes and stationery and stickers and and and.....!
Of course I went mad in the fabric lane, dozens of shops selling super great cotton fabrics, all obviously going to Europe. The prices were even cheaper than what I pay at home. So hopefully many quilts and quilty stuff coming up this year!


  1. how lovely brinda! such lovely colours really. i love the orange hen and the eagle/giraffe print.

  2. Eagerly looking forward to all your quilty creations :-)