Sunday, June 10, 2012

Viveck's B'day present

The June Challenge at the DQ is to make something with squares!!! I also wanted to make something for Viveck this year. Since we are travelling abroad in August, I thought I would make him a case for his travel documents. So I combined the two and made the cover with a quilted block! I wish I had taken pictures of how I made it, but didn't so will just share lessons learnt!!! I made a 12 inch block with squares. Then I ironed on an interface to give the fabric some 'stiffening' . Since it is handloom material, it is very soft and I wanted the case to be firm. I then cut out the batting and a piece of thin muslin for the back and quilted the top with a simple running stitch at.
This was more difficult than I anticipated as the interfacing had made the fabric quite stiff and with the batting etc....I broke 2 needles! Anyway it got done. Then I found an interesting pattern to make the document case ( and took some ideas from that to make the case! Since I like hand work, I over sewed the edge with red, to give it a finish!
And so here is the case! Viveck really liked it and it made a great birthday gift!


  1. nice document the black and white colors and the red quilting thread, inspiring!

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting! It really spurs one on!