Monday, May 12, 2014

Under the Sea

Naeeda and David are having their first baby....a boy, in a couple of weeks time. I wanted to make a quilt which could be used as a play mat, since one will never really use a quilt in Bangkok!  I have been travelling incessantly and  was wondering how I could get it done. My designer daughter Nafisa helped me design it, and actually did the drawing.....So much detail, I groaned, but decided to go ahead and try and make it.
I love applique work, but like doing it by hand best! Since there were only 4 days to get this done, I decided to use the machine to make most of it! Some of the detailing was done by hand of course!
I am really pleased with the result!
The back ground came first, and then the fish and other details!


I used a mix of paper piecing and applique on this quilt. I have quilted around the fish, shells, the ship and mast and made some waves in the sea. I have purposely kept the quilting simple, as I find too much sewing makes the quilt very stiff!


  1. The photos tell the story.Now I am inspired to do something on my own. Have been so hesitant.

  2. Don't be! It's great fun. The key is to make a picture you like! I love appliqué

  3. awesome quilts and pictures are really cute and fun.
    I need help in finding fabric in banglore.I need for craft work a bit thick fabric, where can i buy it.If any exact lane or address will help out

  4. this is so so terrific! you have done full justice to nafisa's designs. one lucky baby he is going to be:)