Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amigurumi toys for a mobile

I am  here in Bangkok, waiting for Naeeda to have her baby! We spend lots of time at home, or doing things like sorting the babies clothes, or chatting about how I felt when I was pregnant with her and so on! Such a very special and precious time. She wanted animals for a mobile that she has hanging over her baby's cot. She didn't like the commercially made here are a selection I made. Two in black and white as that's what a baby sees first, and then 2 coloured as she doesn't what her baby to get too stimulated either!!!!!
So hares what I cam up with

And close ups......



  1. lovely happy stuff that is a true indication of the happy time together :) i remember my mother and i really having a great time before kanishk was born (and almost happy that he was over a week late in arriving!). all the best to naeeda and david and of course to the expectant family too.

  2. Absolutely adorable stuff! You almost make me want to learn to crochet :-)