Thursday, July 17, 2014

WIP: crochet owl cushion!

Ever since I started making the toys for Rafael's mobile, I seem to have got into a very serious crochet mode! It made it so much more urgent to pick up the hook when I found this amazing little wool and needlework store called the Twee Shop, very close to where a Naeeda lives off Sukumvit in Bangkok. Masses of acrylic wool, in every conceivable colour.....and most importantly very reasonable, even more so as there was a sale on! So of course I went to town and now will be carrying back loads of it! It's not soft enough for blankets which you want to cuddle into, but great for throws and afghans and of course cushions and bags and toys...... So the immediate future looks as colorful as my wool!
Have started with an owl cushion...I found the pattern on etsy.


  1. Admire your work and the passion and love that goes into each creation!

  2. these would make great rugs too. such amazing colours. am going to flick some of your wool when we meet :)

  3. Thanks Madhu and Sandhya! You're totally welcome Sandhya.....I went mad in Bangkok with the wool. It's pure acrylic and stiff enough to work on for cushions! Have a lot of ideas for the new house!