Sunday, March 4, 2012

Block 3 and 4 for Crafty's

These are my 2 blocks for February for the Crafty's Block of the Month series. I remade them as the first 2 came out much smaller.

I think I have made a mistake in the way I have constructed these. I realised only after my 4th block that the background fabric I am using is thicker than the others, and this creates its own problems! Possibly I will need to remake all the blocks using the similar thickness of fabric! Sigh!!!!!!!
Maybe I will do that, so the final quilt comes out as perfect as possible!


  1. Brinda,
    Your block looks beautiful! Before you remake the block, try pressing the seams one way and then to the opposite side. For some reason it helps when it comes to opening the seams flat.

  2. Ok will try that. Thanks Sujata!