Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing Sunday!

I have had an amazingly 'sewing productive' day today and am feeling relaxed and very pleased with myself! I started by making the IMQG Block of the month which is the pinwheel. I decided to challenge myself a little and looked up different ways to use the pinwheel. I am making my blocks 12 1/2 squares, so cut 4 inch squares, 8 in the background colour and 8 in 4 other colours! Here is the result!

Many firsts while making this block....I have never made the pinwheel before, never used pinks and mauves (my colours are earth colours), very rarely used any other fabric than traditional Indian printed handlooms!!!! I have only done crazy quilting till date, and love it. Since joining the IMQG, I have decided to try other forms, and this is my very first block which has involved precision cutting and stitching.

The next block I made is for the Crafty BOM and is one of the 2 string blocks for this month.
I SO LOVED making this block and realised  I will finally stick to blocks that do not require so much precision....I like to create things that evolve as they are created.  There is a surprise element in that, which is exciting. Its been a terrific day!

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  1. Nicely done, Brinda. Sounds like a day filled with fun.