Thursday, June 17, 2010

Childhood memories!

Rifka went accross to my mother's place and took pictures of some of the 'bits' I had embroidered and crocheted when I was a child! What a very sweet gesture! I suppose all parents keep things their children have made, I'm grateful to mine for keeping these bits! It has brought back so many memories...

I was taught to crochet by a grand aunt when I was quite small. Must have been around 8 years old....we were about to go on a train journey, Calcutta to Bombay...3 days and 2 nights, so she decided to 'equip' me with the skills of cross stitch to keep myself busy....I will always bless her for that.
This was the piece that came out of that train journey, after many mistakes and trying hard to keep accurate spaces!
These next 2 were presents for my mother...I must have been around 10! I remember using my maths exercise book in which I drew the design of this tea cosie cover!
I loved doing this one of 'Grumpy'. I can still feel the sense of pride and achivement when I actually finished a whole picture...that also of one of my most favourite characters from Snow White!
Not sure where I learnt to crochet...possibly self taught...but it is something I really love to still do. These are also early piecies.... the green dressing table set was a birthday gift for my mother. Not sure when I did the pink mat...but I have a few must have been when I was in college.