Sunday, January 25, 2015

Owl cushion

The owl cushion was ready in time for Christmas, and the kids enjoyed having it around! So do I !


Lots of crochet has been happening! I seem to have got myself into a frenzy of wanting to crochet non stop! Possibly because I came across a wonderful blog  by a generous and charming person called Dedri I used her free pattern to make Rafa a puzzle ball!

And I made woolen shoes for David and Naeeda to wear around the house in Paris!

Christmas sewing!

Sufi said she wanted the dress that Cinderella wore for her ball, she said it had to be blue, showed me a picture on FaceTime! 'It has to come all the way to the ground and cover my feet' she said. Bangalore being a new and unfamiliar city, Viveck and I went exploring down the many lanes off Commercial street to find the fabric.....finally we did and I made her the blue princess dress!
 And a princess she looked!

Then I  decided to make Rafa a clown with cloth yo-yos. It took me back in time as I remembered the wonderful yo yo dolls Viveck's granny used to make! It was a great way to use my scraps!

Back to my blog!

One of my New Year resolutions was to update my blog and  keep it updated! We are almost at the end of January, and I have only just begun! But I guess better late than never! I've started a Facebook page and possibly update that more as the response there are almost immediate! But hey....this blog is supposed to be recording part of my creative exploits!
In early December I had a wonderful afternoon attending a workshop on Lambadi embroidery. My teacher was Jyoti from Bellary in north Karnataka. 
Her hands moved quickly as she sewed and yet all the stitches were of the same size. There was no pre drawing or markings. It was all free hand and she created her designs as she sewed! 

The 'makara' stitch was unique! It looked like a spider web!