Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An angel for Christmas!

A very Christmas to all of you who check out my blog from time to time and leave comments....I really enjoy the connection!  Have a wonderful 2014!
I was looking for something special to make for Naeeda's in laws who are Portuguese. We are spending Christmas with them in the Algarve and so I wanted something appropriate ! I have been crocheting a lot so was looking for something that could be crocheted. I came across this pattern on the net and it was just right. I loved making it.....the instructions were really clear. I learnt a new technique for stiffening the crochet with sugar syrup!!! Since there won't be a problem with ants in Portugal, it's worked fine. I will have to look at some other method for stiffening at home!!
The Morgados loved it....and it looks really beautiful on their highly polished piano top! 
It's Christmas today, and seems the right day to post this picture! The Morgados are all here, the whole extended family, aunts and uncles, cousins and children. Some have come from as far away as Macau! Naeeda's in laws have a beautiful rambling home in the Algarve and it is open house now....there is a beautiful Christmas tree, and candles every where. The angel fits in very well! A fire burns in the grate all day, and it is warm and welcoming! We are all sitting around the fire place just now after having had the most amazing Christmas lunch, of every kind of meat, much to Viveck's delight! The kids are all playing with their gifts, and we are enjoying this wonderful feeling of being together. Language doesn't seem to be a problem, as we seem to be able to communicate affection with such ease!
It's strange not to be with all my girls together, today and I do miss being with them. The first time since they were born, that we are not all together for Christmas! But there is next year! This was important for David and Naeeda!