Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The crochet cat!

Just a quick crochet cat for my 27 year old daughter!!!! So relaxing to make something quickly! Wonderful pattern sent by my friend Sandhya!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I spend a lot of my time imagining all the different quilts I can make and haven't really got down to it yet!!!! Joining the IMQG has definitely got me more proactive and my plans are becoming more concrete! My friend Yvonne Pinto (an amazing quilter) says I must practice on small pieces before attempting a full quilt! So I am trying out all sorts of precision block making techniques by making cushion covers. These 2 cushion covers are for the 'new look' drawing room  that Nafisa has decided we get, and started the process by choosing the new sofa covers when she was last home. All in a wonderful cream, and has given me strict instructions that I cannot use my usual earth colours for the cushion covers, but that they have to be an assortment of totally bright colours. So I decided to make a few of them myself.   I am going to finish all my scraps before I actually buy any new fabrics for any of my sewing projects!  I love using scraps anyway....the fabrics carry so many memories since I have been saving them for eons!
The cushion on the right is in my favourite log cabin pattern.   The yellow and black and white fabric, certainly sticks out a bit but I deliberately used that, to try something different!
The one on the left is another strip block made from one I have just learnt from the Crafty's BOM quilt along! It is certainly better coordinated in terms of colour. 
I also did a bit of running stitch...and really like the effect it creates. It also adds a finish. Its going to become my signature I think.