Sunday, May 29, 2016

Creating something new part 2

Once the pieces were placed and ironed on the top was ready! Then I made a sandwich with batting and a backing fabric and quilted it.....using the thread to paint with and shade the picture! I have only just stared free motion quilting as I prefer hand sewing, so the stitches are defunetely quite uneven! But on the whole I really enjoyed making this! 
In case any of you are interested log on to The Quilting Acedemy......they have a host of excellent classes!

The final product.... I call it Aamar Sonar Bangla! My Beloved Bengal!

Dino for Nikhil

Nikhil, who's all of 3, is in love with Spider-Man and Dinos! The pattern is by Abby Glassenberg. The original was made with fleece, but I made it in cotton. Nikhil lives in Hanoi and can't see him cuddling a fleece toy in the heat! So I used a nice Batik! He loved it! He says the colors make Dino, a magical creature!

Sewing for Rafa!

So I did what I wanted to for a long time.....a quiet book for my little Rafael. I am amazed at the generosity of people in sharing ideas, thoughts, patterns, how tos....and so much more. So this is being posted with a lot of thanks to all those generous people. My grandson Rafael, loved it! I had a ball making it and customizing it for Rafael.