Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tiny pieces!

The August Challenge for DQ was to make 'a mini not bigger than 12'x12, using pieces not bigger that 1.5' finished...and the colours were saffron, white and green only, the colours of the Indian flag.' I thought about it quite a bit and decided I would try something different. I would try and use my favourite method of quilting and  crazy quilt mini squares. And the 12"x12" finished piece  would also make a great cushion cover.

So first I got all the bits and pieces of fabric in place...Artistic licence to vary the colours a little to make it more appealing (I have never liked the green on the flag). I started by making a really wonky wonky block...and loved doing that.
I then cut the block into tiny 2" squares, in a random sort of fashion, keeping half inch for sewing, so that would give me the 1 1/2" square that Tina had specified!
I wanted to use the green as a frame so that each tiny square would stand out, so cut the little 2 X 3/4" rectangles and connected them together.
I was leaving for an extended visit to the States and decided this was just the thing to take with me to sew on the long 4 X 15 hour flight from Kolkata to New York! So all the piecies were cut and packed into a little travelling kit, which fit neatly into my bag. All the joining was done by hand and I enjoyed that as I like sewing by hand! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Patterns in Nature

Walking through Central Park in New York, the weather was warm and the sun streamed in through the trees. So many images and so many designs that one could use on the quilts I keep planning to make. Images and colours I can use for painting my water colours as well!