Friday, October 21, 2016

A workshop of a lifetime....painting with fabric!

I have been wanting to attend a workshop by Jenny Bowker ever since I saw pictures of her amazing quilts. As amazing are her quilts, is Jenny herself, a generous and gifted teacher, who shares her knowledge and skills with complete honesty, encourages you to the extent that you feel you are a master! For me free motion quilting has always been a challenge, and something I was petrified to try....what if I ruin my pieced work!!!! But Jenny made it simple, shared a systematic way of us doing it and at the end of the 3 days, I felt confident and kept wondering why it had taken me so long!! 
The preparations for the workshop started a couple of months before we actually met. She sent mails giving details of what she was going to do and encouraged questions, which she answered in great detail. Finally the days arrived and 14 of us met in Mumbai to experience an exhilarating and exhausting 3 days! 
We learnt how to create our template, increase the size and get tracing done onto the backing fabric, trace out the outline on fusible web and then start putting the pieces. It was like painting with fabric!