Saturday, April 20, 2013

The crochet table cloth is complete!

I started this for Naeeda and David as their 1st wedding anniversary present in August last year. I wrote about it  earlier
Its now done and here it is on her dining table!

Its a wonderful star cum flower pattern, and I have really enjoyed crocheting it. I worked it in panels so I could carry it with me where every I went, making it a much traveled table cloth! I decided to use a thicker crochet cotton than was recommended in the original pattern and I like the effect!

I used an ecru colour as this went with Naeeda's wonderful pottery dinner set!

A tip I want to share here is that any weaving of extra threads needs to be done as you crochet, and not wait till the end. I'm not sure what madness took over that I didn't do that, and have had to spend over 2 full days actually weaving the bits in! With David offering to 'cut' them off, until he realized the entire table cloth will unravel!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sandhya's Ohio Star Block!

Sandhya was the Bee this month and wanted an Ohio Star Block in a solid and off white combination....So here it is! I have to say that the block looks nice, but I am not sure I like so much symmetry! Feel pleased that the points have matched!
And the back had quarter inch seams! I'm beginning to get the hang of nesting!!!!