Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bee Madhu's Block

Madhu wanted us to make a block from  Elizabeth Hartman's modern mosaic block! Its an interesting block and one I was keen to make anyway....keeps with my love for crazy quilting! Madhu wanted blues, greys and maybe lime green or turquoise to set it off. Here's what I cam up with
 I think I should have used bigger pieces though, possibly have been more dramatic!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quilting in Chiang Mai (3) The top is done!!!!!

So my Rooster is ready!  I haven't quilted it yet....but the top is ready so I am showing it off here. Its been such an exciting time for me and in spite of some ripping and redoing....I have enjoyed every minute of it.... And am so proud of it! Thanks KAREN!
Also putting up a picture of the back: which shows how much detail work went into it! I hope you are all impressed with the exact 1/4 inch seams! So much of this was about being precise and exact, and this being a huge challenge for me, was a tremendous learning experience. I will definetely make another!