Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally a finish!

This is for Sudip and Pallavi's little miracle, just born! Luckily I had this fish fabric, which seemed to be just right for a little boy! I liked the lack of symmetry of the squares and enjoyed making them like that!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sufi's Cushions

So finally I am posting something again. Goodness knows where the time goes, but it flies and I suddenly realise there is a lot of sharing left to do!. So here goes
I wanted to make something special for Sufi as she started school, and entered another phase in her life, a mile stone! What does one give a little girl who seems to have everything...I thought of a backpack, but she has a favourite one, so that was out. Nitasha told me she had recently  introduced Sufi to Polly Dunbar's books called Tilly and her friends.   (‎). They are an amazing read and Sufi has totally identified herself with Tilly and the animal friends are all alive. So I decided to create them in fabric on a set of small 10 inch cushions. She was so delighted, and its reward enough to see her lining them all up and chatting with them, carrying them much fun!
I didn't have the books so looked up the characters on the net...drew them on graph paper first and then transferred them on to soft interfacing and then on to fabric. I did all the detail  by hand in simple stem stitch and attached them on to the cushions in blanket stitch. I loved the soothing effect of sewing precisely by hand! I used a little bit of fabric paint for things like Hector's pink cheeks and Pretty Pru's eye shadow! The images are simple with not too much detail, and I can see why Sufi has related to the characters so well.  I am pleased with these as I seem to have got the image the way they are in the book.

Cant seem to straighten the pictures!