Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nishka's Christmas present

I made this for Nishka for Christmas this year. I crocheted it during my recent travels, on flights and waiting at airports! I had bought the wool in Aizwal...a lovely light, soft and spangley 3 ply! The design was simple and something I created on my own. It moved really quickly but was difficult to crochet with as it was a textured wool, and wasn't really meant for crochet where one has to work so much more with knots.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick crochet for Sufi

Nitasha said Mumbai was having some freaky cold please could I make something for Sufi ASAP!!!! So these were 2 quick pieces put together while I was travelling on holiday. The green one is a favourite design that I have used for Sufi's mother it self, when she was a little I knew the pattern by heart! The other was using whatever 'soft' wool I could find at home and using granny squares as a base! Aunty Pam had made a similar one for Tash when she was about 6. There was always something knitted or crocheted for the girls when we went home to Delhi for Christmas, either jerseys or a blanket....wish we had recorded that!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nafisa's blanket

Since this blog is about recording and sharing all my 'needle work' stuff.....I thought I would post a picture of a blanket I made for Nafisa a few years ago, in her last year in college. She wanted a blanket with no corners!!!!!It was fun to do, and I was able to use up a lot of my scraps of wool as well, to make this very bright blanket......Nafisa loves it!