Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quilt for Charity

I am a hand quilter! I really enjoy that....However this was a quilt in a rush, as I am about to miss the deadline to submit for a charity drive. The Desi Quilters are scheduled to make 50 quilts for a charity and hand it over to the charity on Sunday which gave me very little time!

I actually enjoyed the experience. Its fun and quick....and finally used my Bernina to do a little more than just sew straight lines....Fiddled with the machine and got to know her a little better, experimented with some FMQ, which is something I am scared all in all its been a great experience!
Valuable lessons were learnt as well....I find I only want to use Indian hand-loom cotton fabrics or block printed cottons. The challenge here is that most of these fabrics are of different weights, and some quite fine. I find that if the fabric is washed and then starched, ironed and then works, not easy, as it still shifts around, especially while quilting, but  it still works. Much easier to quilt it by hand, as there is much more control....but will continue the experiment!