Friday, November 29, 2013

Sam the dog for Sarah

What is it about 20 odd year old young women who seem to delight in getting little toys. Sarah is Nafisa's friend from her design school, and a very competent designer herself. She saw Nafisa's little dog and immediately wanted here it is Sarah! The pattern is from the net and thanks needs to go to the creator Michelle Wilcox from!


A 'Taggy' for Nikhil

I heard about 'Taggies' for the first time when Sufi was little. Never actually managed to make one for the little girl. Then I saw a friend of Sufi's hanging on to hers, especially at bed time. So I thought of getting one done for Nikhil for Christmas. Actually its quite a clever concept, and so appropriate for a little one trying to put everything into his mouth. I hope Nikhil likes his one and it keeps him comforted! I found patterns on the net, but decided I would make it bigger and withy many more tags!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hobbes for Nafisa!

Nafisa gave me this pattern a couple of years ago! Finally it got made for her 29 th birthday a few days ago! The way she squealed and jumped around when she got it, made me smile and feel happy that I had hit a winner for a birthday present! I wonder if kids ever actually grow upon the eyes of their parents! Possibly never, which in a way is a good thing,but the also a bad thing, as one never stops worrying that their lives will be good, they will be safe and happy, and most of all contented! A tall order I guess!
Anyway here is Nafisa and her Hobbes!

The pattern if free from the net. I need to find the name of the creator and not only acknowledge her here, but also thank her! It was really easy and well written!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nikhil's Quilt....almost done!

I have one block left to make...thinking maybe it should be bees. The rest  have come out well, and I am so excited, so am sharing them here. Its been some experience, trying to use fabrics that are not the same weight....but complete fun! Viveck has kept me focused in that I don't make boring animals, but ones with character!!!! If Nikhil will be anything like his sister Sufi, he too will have an amazing imagination, and will appreciate the characters as he grows, and possibly build stories around them too!!!!

 Not sure why this peacock has uploaded on its side!

Close ups of some of the details. I think I like hand applique so much as there is so much scope for creativity and using one's imagination!

Finally couldn't resist laying out all the blocks!!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Secret Tote Challenge

My machine was set up after a 3 month break!!!! I never thought I would actually do it!!!! The first WIP to finish was the tote for the DQ secret tote challenge. There were 20 of us who participated. It started with each of us putting together a mood board which we sent to Tina. She allocated a mood board to each of us, and based on that we made a tote. At the end there was a guessing session when we tried to guess who had made which tote! With all this travelling, I have only just managed to finish mine. The receiver is in Dubai! I decided to make as much of it as I could by hand, which I like doing here is the finished product! Indian Summer !

I used a Warli print for the base with a handloom fabric for the lining and handles. I have put in 2 pockets as well!. I added the signature at the back as a personal touch....Lets hope she likes it.
The following 2 bags were sent to me by my partner....and in her generosity she sent me 2! Nishka has promptly whisked off the second one for her holiday to Thailand!
This was my mood board, and the bags that came for me: