Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nitasha and Sujoy's CQ bedcover

All the squares of this CQ (crazy quilt) bed cover is ready for Nitasha and Sujoy. It was meant to be given to them in February this year as their 2nd  wedding anniversary present, but I had a little bit left to do. The real reason is that I wanted to give it to them personally and see their faces when they got it. Since they live in Mumbai, i will wait till they come in June to give it to them. Some of the bits of fabrics are from when Tash was a little girl or bits from her favourite Thai's clothes!
I have been dying to post these blocks as they got done (its taken me 2 years) but was really afraid that Nitasha might see the blog. Anyway have decided to put them up anyway, as I would like to record how i have done it.
The squares are 12 inches. I have used a thickish poplin for the backing. Most of the squares have some kind of reference for the kids!

The first two were with the names and birth dates of the 2 kids. I have planned this as a memory quilt as they have both grown up in Kolkata, so made some squares with prominent land marks of Kolkata:
Victoria Memorial

Howrah bridge

St Paul's Cathedral where Tash was a member if the Servers guild!

The Gul Mohar tree was in full blossom when I made this one, so worked out a flower in this one

I had planned a square with a stork as Nitasha started expecting her first baby some months after she got married, but now that I am giving it when our darling Sufi is already born and almost a year old,  I have made a square for her. She is the pot of gold at the end of a shining rainbow for all of us in the family and especially for her parents!