Monday, October 24, 2011

Sufi's winter coat

We are going to Kalinpong for New Years. It is going to be freezing, so I have crocheted Sufi a coat. I couldn't get really thick wool so doubled 4 ply to make it 8 ply! The wool is from Shillong, and beautifully soft. The patter id off the net, and I still marvel at the generosity of people to share so much. I found these buttons in my collection of buttons, which goes back many many years, especially as these includes Thai's collection!

RR continues!

Suz's block finally arrived. I was so delighted that it hadn't got lost like her earlier one! The block was in pinks and Suz said she wanted garden visitors! I pondered on this for quite a long time and then decided to create a magic garden! I think it was all the pinks in the block that made me think of magic! I have used crochet a lot! I spent some time on the net looking at flowers of different kinds and visualizing how I would crochet them.  

I started by making the silver flowers and then the blue one with the yellow center. 

I made bright yellow buttercups and embroidered on the white flowers with a simple lazydazy stitch and the clear bead as a center. 

Since the theme was garden visitors,  I made a purple butterfly and the snails with a golden fleck! Its all Magic!!!

I added beads to embelish my work and add to the picture. I normally work on my patchwork only with a variety of stitches, and this is the first time that I have used beads, lace and crochet! 
So this is how the block looks now before I send it on to Kim to do her bit and then send it back to Suzi to complete!