Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kim's block!

Kim's block finally arrived with Susan's work on it. The picture at the center is that of her mother and the beaded lace piece and pleated flounce came  from Kim's wedding veil. It is a very special block and Susan has added so much to it to make it really unique
I thought about what I should do to continue to complement what had already been done. I decided to stick to the same colours, but introduce a little red since it is such an auspicious colour in India. I have never used beads or lace before, but decided to try to keep the continuity. So here is the finished piece

Kim's work on my block

The theme for my block is a garden. Kim has just done her bit on my block and I am delighted with it. She has posted a picture in SS and I am putting it here! Kim has put so much effort into it, I am really touched. Thanks Kim! What a wonderful way to get to know people, and make friends. The butterfly is perfect, and the ants so real! I find spider webs fascinating, so how amazing that I have one on my block! I am dying to see what Susan does to it before I get it back!