Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sailing boat block

This is the block for Nirmala who is the Bee for this month. She wanted solid colours. It was a very simple block to make, but since there were almost no instructions for dimensions, I had to work that out although initially frustrated, I took it as another learning experience!!The HST squares have to be 4", The 2 side panels 8'X4', the boat and the water 4x12 1/2".  A 4 " square cut into a triangle to create the sides of the boat.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prasanna's Sunny Bee Block!

Of all the blocks I have been making for the 2 Bees I am participating in, this was the most difficult!! The instructions were clear and there were video links to follow as well....Trying to get all the points to match was a challenge though! It was a great learning though!!!!! I was accurate in measuring, but still had to trim the pieces once I had stitched them. No matter how good the cloth, it does tend to stretch a little! Anyway it's done, and I hope Prasanna is happy with it!