Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cards for my babies!

New Bernina and a renewed love for quilting....I have decided to make birthday cards for my babies!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bee 2

This is the first block in the 2nd Quilting Bee I am participating in! Bhavani wanted us to make her a sun flower, the main petals in shades of any chosen colour appliqued on to a white square!....I have taken a little artistic license, and added a little more colour, but the effect is great! The Bee's are such fun as it challenges us to create something new, people have such great imaginations and I benefit by being part of their new ideas!
Applique with the Bernina is such fun. I like the blanket stitch look effect, and am now furiously experimenting!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The picture is complete!

I finally finished the wall hanging! I have to thank Martin Wadell and the story 'Owl Babies' for the inspiration and of course the fact that it is Sufi's bestest story at the moment! Viveck critically looked at my fabrics for the binding and chose this one, so now feels he has had a hand in its creation!!! He certainly is totally appreciative and encouraging of all I do, so that's true in a way!  I hope Sufi likes it and it brightens up her room! I loved making it!
Percy and Sarah owl
Followed by little Bill!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP, A wall hanging for Sufi!

This month's Challenge in DQ is to make a single piece quilt. I decided to make a wall hanging  for Sufi's new room in Mumbai. It was also a way to use my brand new Bernina sewing machine....which Viveck got me! With an assortment of quilting foots as well!!!
Sufi loves the story of the 3 owls, and I read it to her many times when I was last with her. Now there are 2 barn owls that come to her flat in Mumbai some evenings, so this seemed a good picture.
I found a great design on the net and adapted it to finally come up with this one! I wanted a night scene, but just couldn't find the right kind of fabric. After a frustrating afternoon looking for the correct fabric in the market, I decided to paint the background using fabric paint. Since this is going to be a wall hanging I have used a heavy cotton. I had great fun actually splashing 5 kinds of blue on to the fabric with a really fat brush!
I next made the templates on paper. I chose an assortment of fabrics and stuck the bits onto fusible backing which stiffened the fabric. I then cut out the pieces.
I have now placed all the bits on to the fabric and am ready to use my new machine to applique them on!