Friday, November 1, 2013

The Secret Tote Challenge

My machine was set up after a 3 month break!!!! I never thought I would actually do it!!!! The first WIP to finish was the tote for the DQ secret tote challenge. There were 20 of us who participated. It started with each of us putting together a mood board which we sent to Tina. She allocated a mood board to each of us, and based on that we made a tote. At the end there was a guessing session when we tried to guess who had made which tote! With all this travelling, I have only just managed to finish mine. The receiver is in Dubai! I decided to make as much of it as I could by hand, which I like doing here is the finished product! Indian Summer !

I used a Warli print for the base with a handloom fabric for the lining and handles. I have put in 2 pockets as well!. I added the signature at the back as a personal touch....Lets hope she likes it.
The following 2 bags were sent to me by my partner....and in her generosity she sent me 2! Nishka has promptly whisked off the second one for her holiday to Thailand!
This was my mood board, and the bags that came for me:



  1. it's beautiful! i love the way you've worked the leaves' veins. and what are you doing uploading stuff at 4.29 am??