Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The WIP finishes!

Lessons learnt...DO NOT ever use thin fabric or fabric with a loose weave....its a nightmare in the making! The fabric should definitely be of a CLOSE weave. There is so much cotton available in India, but the weaves are so varied, one really needs to be very careful. Or the other thing would be that if the fabric is of loose weave, to starch it, or, as I recently learnt in Karen's workshop, use freezer paper!
Quilting the cushion was such a problem as the fabric kept wrinkling. Anyway I did a combination of machine and hand quilting. This was done more to be able to work out the unnecessary wrinkles as I have more control by hand!!! But it looks great with the red thread and outlines the stars well. I also feel that the light blue fabric should have had a less defined and smaller print! But on the whole am pleased with the effort!
Lets hope Inky is too, as this is her birthday present.


  1. Brinda, it looks beautiful! You would never be able to tell you had trouble with it.

  2. This is really lovely, Brinda. I wouldn't have guessed how tricky it was. Another time you could try basting spray to hold the layers flat together while you quilt, if you don't mind washing it afterwards.