Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bags and Totes, here I come!

I have been thinking of quick quilted presents, and have been looking at bags and totes! So I started by making one for myself from a link Sandhya sent me ( Such an easy pattern!
The girls have immediately decided they want one each, in fact Nishka's message was.....'for yourself? Ahem'!!!!

The pattern asked for charm packs, but since I don't have those, I cut 5" squares from scraps and the bag was ready. Once I had cut my 'charm squares', the sewing took about 3 hours which really is a quick gift. I changed it a little and added an inside pocket and a button to close the top.
Lessons learnt:
1. If using handloom fabrics (which I use all the time and like it the best), then make sure they are well starched or they shift and lose shape, especially during the quilting process. As you can see in the picture,  some of the squares are a little up and down!
2. Make sure the lining is a slightly thick poplin of a close weave. This helps the bag to hold the shape, especially if you have added a pocket!
3. Use a slightly stiff batting as this too helps keep the shape. I used a synthetic batting I had got in Bangkok, and this worked well!
I think this blog is going to see a lot of Bags of various kinds!


  1. A very handsome bag!. I like the fabrics. Have been toying with the idea of using handlooms but worried about bleeding and shrinkage.I have a lot of patterns saved up for tote bags and purses. Most of them recommend using interfacing which I dont have and so I am yet to make a bag. Maybe will be inspired by you.!

  2. lovely bag Brinda! I found using flannel as a batting for bag is quite good. I usually put batting in the main and lining fabric. And it made the bag sturdy and gave it a good shape too. I tried using interface too, but after washing it wrinkles a lot and won't go even after ironing it. So far, flannel batting is my best bet :D

  3. I used a synthetic batting I got in Thailand...Its stiff and easy to use!