Sunday, June 16, 2013

Looking out of the window!

We were in Mumbai for Nikhil's birth, and Viveck started a chat with a set of crows who built a nest on her varandah!!  Started a photo essay when they laid eggs, got scratched in the process as well!!!! So this fabric seemed most appropriate and the idea of the quilt just popped up!
I bought this fabric from a friend and was thinking through what to make with it! I am glad I kept it for this special quilt. I  created the quilt as I went along. I had drawn out a picture, but while measuring realized I would run out of  the crow fabric and so decided to improvise! So instead of  little windows, which I realised would also cut up the crow fabric too much, I decided on large windows!  I have called it 'Looking out of the Window'.
I like crazy quilting, hand quilting and using embroidery stitches, hence this quilt has some of everything! All the bits that can't be seen has been joined by machine and the rest by hand!

I found an interesting printed fabric with a leaf pattern which I used for the lining! And a small black and white Rajasthani print for the Borders.

I have not given this quilt a woolen batting, but have mixed the concept of the Bengali kantha (which uses layers of cotton, often from old saries) and the american quilt, and used 3 layers of fabric....the top, the middle which is a sheet, and the backing which is a cotton print. Although there are 3 layers, it is not as heavy as a woolen quilt. Definitely more practical for an Indian climate, I think!
Making this quilt has also been a time when I think I have finally manged to set my 'style', as they say in painting lingo! I have never been drawn to too much symmetry or 'defined' spaces, in either my quilts or in my painting.....that's possibly why I so love my crazy quilting.  I paint pictures which are impressions and I think that's what my quilts are now going to be....impressionistic pictures !


  1. Love your quilt Brinda! I have long been planning to do a "looking out of the window" quilt and this struck just the right chord ( or should I say "caw"?)!

  2. Forgot to add that the flying birds on your blog page background are a perfect touch! :-)

  3. This is a beautiful quilt. I love the fabrics you've used and your design is great :)

  4. it really is beautiful. such a neat uncluttered look too.

  5. Thanks for looking and commenting!It spurs me on!

  6. This is another lovely quilt... i really really like your work... the fabrics and what you do with them... and i love the lil touches.. ur appliques and the embroidery stitches.. very beautiful!