Monday, November 4, 2013

Nikhil's Quilt....almost done!

I have one block left to make...thinking maybe it should be bees. The rest  have come out well, and I am so excited, so am sharing them here. Its been some experience, trying to use fabrics that are not the same weight....but complete fun! Viveck has kept me focused in that I don't make boring animals, but ones with character!!!! If Nikhil will be anything like his sister Sufi, he too will have an amazing imagination, and will appreciate the characters as he grows, and possibly build stories around them too!!!!

 Not sure why this peacock has uploaded on its side!

Close ups of some of the details. I think I like hand applique so much as there is so much scope for creativity and using one's imagination!

Finally couldn't resist laying out all the blocks!!!!


  1. What fun animals, I'm sure it will be much loved

  2. I am sure he will grow to love the cute animals....... lovely Brinda